While most of us have done it at least once, “I love packing and moving” is not a sentence anyone is likely to say. It is painful putting all your stuff in boxes and as exciting as it is to finally reach your new home, by the time you do, you are probably going to be exhausted. However, moving can be easier if you can do a few simple things to pack your belongings the right way. So, here are some tips for packing your valuables to make sure your move goes better than expected and everything reaches your new home in perfect condition.

To ensure your most precious belongings reach their final destination safely, you can always rent a temporary unit from a storage Red Deer company so you can handle the move slowly and with great care.


Use the Proper Containers

Cardboard boxes are great for certain items, but for some of your most valuable and fragile belongings, you need something different. They may cost a few dollars more, but the price difference is insignificant compared to the full replacement value of your breakable items. Some of the most fragile items are in the kitchen but they can include just about anything:

  • Fine china can be safely moved in a quality china storage set that is uniquely designed to reduce breakage or chips with a padded lining.
  • Antique silverware is easily packed away in acid-free paper. By wrapping each piece individually, you can better ensure that nothing will be scratch. If your silverware has no intrinsic or sentimental value, simply wrapping them in a bag will do fine.
  • Photographs and mementos are often irreplaceable, so you want to make sure they are well managed. These should be packed and stored flat in an acid-free container without binding them together. Adding archival paper between each item will keep them safe from each other.


Take an Inventory with Labels

By labeling each container properly, by the time they get to your home, they can go directly to the appropriate room for easy unpacking. This can be done by simply numbering boxes and carrying a master list with you or putting the name of the room on the container.


Disassemble What You Can

Furniture can be heavy, so taking it apart before you move is a wise decision. It will allow you to carry each piece to and from the moving truck with relative ease. Not only will it spare your back or the backs of your movers, but it can drastically reduce the change of damaging your furniture. Once taken apart, you can wrap each item individually in bubble wrap for safety.


When in Doubt, Ask a Professional

By hiring someone who handles moves every day, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are well-taken care of by an expert. These packing and moving professionals can also provide insurance coverage in the event of damage, but a true packing and moving company knows what they are doing to protect your items properly.