When taking an overnight guest into your home, often the first thought that comes to mind is where they will sleep. We do not all have extra sleeping quarters ready at the drop of a hat so sometimes we need to get creative in setting up a guest room to make things comfortable and welcoming.


Here are some things to consider that can make your guest feel right at home in a guest room prepared just for them:

  • A tasteful décor can be a calming atmosphere that your guest feels at home with. Too much of your personal tastes in the room can seem unfamiliar to your guests, making them feel out of place.
  • Provide storage space for your guest in the form of an empty closet and drawers. If you do not have enough space in your home to empty out a closet, then renting a storage unit from Easy Storage and Office Solutions Inc. for the short term could be an option. It is inexpensive and you can free up some room in your home.
  • Give your guest conveniences they would have in their own home. This would include a small desk with a chair, a lamp, and even some of their favourite snacks or a coffee station.
  • Place any wifi password or contact information in a prominent spot and point it out to your guest when you show them their room.
  • Make sure your guest has a charger for their electronics. Although you may have the charger they need for their phone, the dollar stores sell them for next to nothing and your guest will be very happy you provided one if they forgot theirs at home.
  • Toiletries will come in very handy. If your guest forgot to pack something or if it is an unplanned stay, including a supply of common bathroom items like mini versions of shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap will be a welcome sight for your guest. You can also add washcloths and towels, dental floss, hairbrush to show that you have thought of their every need. By placing all these items in a basket on the desk or in a corner of the room, your guest will have easy access to everything they need. Plus, you can easily refresh the supply after your guest has left.
  • Keep the room clean. Just like you would want in a hotel, keep the room clean for your guest. Do a thorough cleaning and inspection before your guest arrives so they can feel confident about where they are staying without finding someone else’s mess during their visit.
  • Leave an extra pillow and blanket where your guest can see it. If your guest needs a little extra comfort at night but they do not want to disturb you or wake you to get it, they will have what they need right there in their room.

A little forethought goes a long way when expecting a visitor. You can be the hero to anyone who stays with you if you take advantage of some of these tips on setting up the perfect guest room.